The VariVAT is our recently released next generation milk-chilling technology from Coolsense, designed specifically for New Zealand dairy farms, delivering a low-cost effective long-term alternative to the refrigerant circuit on farm.

VariVAT has been designed from the ground up to deliver dairy farmers cutting edge milk-chilling technology, to easily meet and in most cases exceed New Zealand’s milk chilling compliance requirements, for minimal capital outlay compared with other milk chilling systems.

And VariVAT totally eliminates the need to purchase additional plate coolers.

It is the simple solution to milk cooling compliance – in one box!

Coolsense’s easy-to-install VariVAT system delivers instant milk cooling compliance from the first milking following install as well as delivering a multitude of additional on-farm benefits.

VariVAT Key features

  • Milk cooling compliance in ONE BOX
  • Instant compliance to milk cooling standards
  • Increased milk cooling capacity over traditional chilling systems
  • Increased vat chilling performance
  • Chills multiple vats
  • Lower current draw for chilling output
  • Significant reduction in refrigerant footprint
  • Optional High grade heat recovery – producing hot water up to 65ºC averaging 280 litres/hour
  • Eliminates cost of extra gasketed plate heat exchanger
  • Simple and quick installation
  • New Zealand designed and made for New Zealand farms



You don’t need any other chillers on the farm when you choose a VariVAT. 
We arrange the complete installation from start to finish, with minimal disruption to you.
Contact us today to obtain a quote or arrange a free on-farm assessment.

About Coolsense Chillers

Coolsense NZ Ltd is a Hamilton based Refrigeration and Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS) manufacturing company. Formed in February 2013, Coolsense specialises in the on-farm and agri-tech markets, primarily supplying chilling equipment to the dairy farm market. It is a dedicated lean manufacturing company and has been built from the ground up using systems that fully support an Original Equipment Manufacturing operation

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