A highly efficient packaged chilling system focusing on water and glycol as its heat transfer method, a low carbon footprint through the conservation of water, electricity and refrigerant, high grade heat recovery and thermal storage technologies to produce low running cost. Sound good?

VariCOOL 22

Our Largest Single Compressor System

These units represent our biggest selling systems.  The system is setup so that it can provide cooling into a distributed chilling circuit but can also control its hydronic. Product monitoring and state change is also incorporated into the system’s PLC and can generate up to 500 litres/hr of hot water as heat recovery. 

VariCOOL systems have a 3G connection which allows two-way communication and control. The systems relay information back to the CoolCARE platform which logs all system and data points.

VariCOOL 29 and 36

Twin Compressor System with Expansion Buffer Tank

These units represent our twin compressor range working on a single evaporative circuit.  When the twin compressor system circuits are introduced the systems are fitted with an attached 800lt buffer tank giving a larger sensible energy buffer.  

This VariCOOL has an expanded capability around its hydronics and data acquisition. Product monitoring and strte change is also incorporated into the systems PLC and an generate up to 600 litres/hr of hot water as heat recovery.  CoolCARE is typically a standard feature when sold in to its many applications.

VariCOOL 44

Twin Compressor System with Pump Station

These units represent our twin compressor range working on a single evaporator, however each circuit has its own designated condensing circuit.  The results are a powerful packaged system which is designed to cassette with our other model ranges to supply the kilowatts required.  

A VariCOOL 44 can supply directly into the customer’s circuit or utilise the pump station that Coolsense manufactures for pump and hydronic control.  The VariCOOL 44 has twin desuperheaters and can produce up to 1000 litres/hr of heat recovery up to 70 degrees. Product monitoring and state change is also incorporated into the systems PLC and can generate up to 600 litres/hr of hot water as heat recovery. CoolCARE is typically a standard feature when sold into its many applications.

The VariCOOL Jnr system contains the same functionality as the larger VariCOOL systems, however, its smaller chassis size contains only 80lt of water or glycol. It’s a very compact system which still delivers up to 52kw.  

It can be used in multiple applications and produces 280lt of hot water as heat recovery.  The system is atypically attached to a 3G industrial router which allows two-way communication and data logging via the CoolCARE connection.




Coolsense assembles only the best state of the art refrigeration componentry from the most reliable manufacturers from around the world and this forms the foundations of the VariCOOL snap chilling refrigeration system.

The VariCOOL chassis is fully galvanised and powder coated, the condensers are polymer dipped therefore giving the system an on farm expected life span of 20 years plus and the componentry used in our systems are from only reputable manufactures that produce high quality and energy efficient equipment.

The VariCOOL is currently the only chilling system in the marketplace that is capable of performing the following tasks simultaneously:

  • Milk snap chilling to sub 6 degrees.
  • Chill multiple milk vats simultaneously.
  • Vary the output matching the chilling load presented on farm at any one time.
  • High grade heat recovery to a maximums of 70 degrees and 480 litres/hr.
  • System and tank temperature monitoring.
  • “A grade” energy efficiency ratings to a proven 3.6 and above.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity
  • Water conservation through unique milk plate cooler design.


The VariCOOL has a simple method for calculating its own return on investment as it has a built in “energy meter” which monitor chilling capacity and heat recovery in real time. In order to verify any systems energy efficiency the method is simply a division of the energy produced by the energy consumed. Therefore the VariCOOL system is fitted with a kilowatt hour meter that records each watt of electricity being used. Once this simple calculation has been performed by the VariCOOL’s microprocessor is then shown in real time and recorded as a trend.

About Coolsense Chillers

Coolsense NZ Ltd is a Hamilton based Refrigeration and Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS) manufacturing company. Formed in February 2013, Coolsense specialises in the on-farm and agri-tech markets, primarily supplying chilling equipment to the dairy farm market. It is a dedicated lean manufacturing company and has been built from the ground up using systems that fully support an Original Equipment Manufacturing operation

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