Hans Geesink


"Our Milk goes into the vat at 5.5 degrees"

FARM:              186 hectares plus 50 hectare runoff
COWS:             720
DAIRY:              50 Bail Rotary
SOLUTION:      VariCOOL 36

"Milk goes into the Vat at 5.5 degrees - an extremely efficient system of Milk Cooling"

The new milk cooling regulations were the catalyst for reviewing the farm’s milk cooling. The water we use at the shed comes from a 1020m bore and is 27 degrees when it comes out of the ground – meaning any chilling system had a huge challenge to cool the milk.

I didn’t want to install a 30,000 litre holding tank for a chilled water system, as there wasn’t space around the shed and I didn’t want to put in any more concrete or put a tank in the ground.

VariCOOL wasn't the cheapest option but it was the best from an installation point of view, overall quality and its ability to comply with the regulations and chill the milk to sub 6 degrees within two hours of milking.

The VariCOOL 36 has been in for four years now and I’m very happy with it; it’s lived up to my expectations. The milk goes into the vat at 5.5 degrees and we’ve had no issues and never have any grades.

I have no hesitation recommending VariCOOL to anyone wanting an extremely efficient system of milk cooling. 

About Coolsense Chillers

Coolsense NZ Ltd is a Hamilton based Refrigeration and Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS) manufacturing company. Formed in February 2013, Coolsense specialises in the on-farm and agri-tech markets, primarily supplying chilling equipment to the dairy farm market. It is a dedicated lean manufacturing company and has been built from the ground up using systems that fully support an Original Equipment Manufacturing operation

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